Thursday, March 22, 2007

The worst interview ever

When I was in high school, I once had a (live) interview for an honors program at one of the colleges that had accepted me. And I had a terrible combination of interviewers:

1) a man with laryngitis who did a lot of talking;
2) a woman with an impenetrable Germanic accent; and
3) a perfectly silent man.

The only question that I remember them asking me is the following:

"Why are you interested in the story of Rapunzel, and what do you think the major themes of the story are?"

My mind went blank. What on earth were they talking about? Rapunzel? When in my life had I expressed any interest in Rapunzel? What kind of idiotic essay had I written for this school? Good lord. Rapunzel??

I managed to come up with some kind of answer about confinement and femininity or something. God knows. Later I realized that I had mentioned, somewhere in my application, having to perform a monologue about Rapunzel in an English class in the tenth grade, but their question reflected such a profound misunderstanding of that incident that I didn't even recognize it in their query.

I got into the program, though. (And I turned it down. It had nothing to do with the interview, of course; there was just another school that I liked a lot better.)

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