Friday, March 23, 2007

Well, That's Over

Just had my interview. I think it went...okay. I'm not sure. I was able to answer all of their questions (even though they weren't exactly the questions that I had anticipated, in some cases). I felt like I was babbling sometimes and being vague, and then I would try to be concrete, and just repeat myself.

(See? Vague.)

Whatever. It's done. What's kind of funny is how I felt a little smidgen of betrayal when they mentioned that they were interviewing Other People. Other people? You mean I'm not self-evidently the best? I want to be the only one!!!!

Has it occurred to anyone else that the job search is in every way exactly like trying to date when you're 13 years old? You know, the wracking anxiety, the simultaneous desire for and terror of the phone's ringing, the conviction that you're just ugly and awkward and no one will ever want you, ever. When the fact of the matter is that you're just too young.

Of couse, this analogy only works in one direction; presumably the search committees are a little more with-it than the 13-year-old objects of my totally ambivalent desire.

(And yes, the ambivalence is part of the parallel, too. Because sometimes I'm not sure that I want a job. Of course I do, in the larger sense, but the fact of being A Real Live Professor is actually kind of terrifying, at this point.)

The more I think about it, the more I am absolutely convinced that this is the perfect analogy for the job search. Yep.


squadratomagico said...

Good luck! Even though they're "cheating" on you now, hopefully they'll decide you're the one for them!

medieval woman said...

That's a great analogy of the job market (it also ties in with the Spanish Inquisition, but as no one ever expects that, the expected 13-yr-old angst is much more fitting).

Can you email and tell me where this is??