Sunday, March 18, 2007

How much money fits... the very ugly pig?

Answer: $96.24.

That's: 1,564 pennies; 373 nickels; 552 dimes; 3 quarters; 1 Sacajawea dollar; 3 one-dollar bills; and 1 two-dollar bill. Also 5 Canadian quarters, 1 Mexican coin, 1 Spanish coin, and 1 Turkish Lirasi.

(Isn't the pig ugly, though? My brother gave it to me years and years ago, because it was so ugly. And strange. It's a pig that's painted like a shoe that's painted like a pig. I can't explian it.)

By the way, do you like the environment that I created for the pig's photo shoot? The pig is very scholarly. Given its looks, it decided that cultivating brains would be a good bet.

Speaking of brains--one of these days it's possible that I'll actually use mine and start behaving in some kind of scholarly fashion again. It's been a really slow month.

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