Sunday, March 25, 2007

Not Working

Since my interview is over, and I've relapsed into my policy of slack, I decided to take the day off.

(Never mind that I worked for approximately 25 minutes yesterday. See, the problem is, I'm trying to prepare my dissertation defense [8 days until it's over!], and I just don't really know what to do. I have made up a Handout, and prepared an Elaborate Outline, but basically I could run through my argument in my sleep. And I fear that, frankly, it's just going to be boring. I know that that shouldn't be a worry [and it obviously isn't much of one, since I'm taking no steps whatsoever to prevent it], but I've given versions of this spiel SO MANY TIMES that I can HARDLY BEAR to go over it anymore.)

So, today, I went to a museum and saw a neat exhibit of fiber arts (e.g. unwearable knit and crocheted things). One artist had knit dozens of biologically correct snake skins (out of yarn); they were beautiful and surprisingly lifelike. Then I got a falafel and went to the park, where I saw daffodils, crocuses, ducks, swans, a heron (or a crane? I don't know), a guy playing a flute, and a turtle.

A Google image search reveals that what I probably saw was a heron. It looked like this:

In a little while, I'll go to yoga. And then I'll likely be exhausted and lounge around for a bit.

I used to be so industrious.... I do not, however, feel particularly bad about this prolonged slump. I mean, who cares, really.


Sisyphus said...

Hello! Thanks for posting about grad funding at my blog! I went away right when you did it and I don't know the etiquette of the whole "responding to comments and lateness" thing, so I thought I'd stop by for a visit!

Hello! Nice place! (whoah, did you see those curtains? I don't belie---) Oh, hi. I should have brought a fruit basket or a bundt cake or something.

Congratulations on being so near to done! Soon we will call you _Doctor_ anonymous medievalist blogger!

medieval woman said...

Good luck!! It'll be a love-fest...

heu mihi said...

Thanks, MW! I hope so!

Sisyphus--Hi! I'm glad that you liked (or didn't dislike, or whatever) my funding rant. Once one gets on that subject, it's easy to go on, and on, and so forth. Your camping trip sounded like fun, by the way!