Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Inbox 9

I don't seem to be able to get to Inbox Zero, a concept to which I read a reference and have latched on. I haven't actually read about this concept, but from its name I assume that it means keeping your inbox empty. Sounds good to me, as I'm just a disaster when it comes to email.

So on Sunday, the last day of Spring Break, I did a pretty substantial inbox purging. It didn't actually take all that long. The worst of it was having to apologize to so many people for having taken such a very long time to answer (in one case, TWO AND A HALF YEARS. It was a social email, so nothing work-related went awry, but nonetheless very embarrassing).

And since then--all of three days!--I've been able to stay at exactly 9 emails. Not the same 9 emails, though, which is a little weird. It just seems that there are always 9 things to which I am unprepared to reply (or can't face, or whatever).

Still, it's pretty close. I feel absurdly virtuous.

(OK, I must answer one of those messages tonight, too. Inbox 8, here I come!)