Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Today I Saw a Bluebird

I'm exhausted. I'm not teaching, so I can't complain; and I'm not actually complaining, but it was a long day. I had lots of teaching consultations (I observe grad students teaching and then give them feedback; yeah, I'm a qualified professional of some kind, apparently), a seminar in which a visiting Esteemed Faculty Member presented a highly theoretical paper full of terms I'd never actually heard before, and a long dinner with a bunch of friends and their young children.

Not a bad day, in the balance. But long. I'm glad to be bedward bound.

But mostly the weather has just been splendid, and I've seen a few crocuses (a little bedraggled, admittedly, but brave and hearty nonetheless). And a bluebird. And during the seminar, I sat with my back to a window, so I got to feel the sun warming me even when I was indoors.

Virtually every blog I read has had some kind of comment on the glory of the new springy weather, which has me thinking about how strongly it must affect everyone, and it's nice to think of people all over the country suddenly opening up to the sunshine and just generally feeling better.

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