Thursday, April 25, 2013

A sign of spring?

A rabbit just gave birth in our backyard.

I missed the birth itself, but saw her just a minute later, digging around and covering the babies all up. Yes, there is now a hole full of baby rabbits in our backyard.

In the middle of the yard, I should add: unprotected by shrubs or trees. I'm worried about them--especially because the mother is now off careening around the neighborhood, being chased by two other rabbits (one of which chased the other for a good fifteen minutes while she covered her babies. It was pretty comical, actually).

However. This is Nature, after all. I'm sure that mama rabbit can take care of her baby bunnies without our intervention. Right?

We are, of course, keeping the cats inside for the near future.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What would *you* do?

For some reason or other, I qualify to renew my driver's license--which expires in six weeks--through the mail, thereby avoiding a trip to the DMV.

However, I loathe my driver's license picture. I look like a murderous hippie.

Is it worth a trip to the DMV to get a new picture? (If it helps: The agency is about 15 minutes away, and it's in a miniscule town, so the lines aren't too horribly bad. However, I am just about as likely to get another ghastly picture, so....)

Yes, I'm breaking a 33-day blog silence to ask this.