Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Unaccountable Fatigue

There is no reason for me to be so tired. I can't even blame daylight savings: I slept from midnight until about 9:15. But there you go.

What I really want to do is go out and buy some beer, and then drink some of said beer. I'm resisting. So far. Because it's really awfully early.

Although I suppose I'm doing okay on the work front. I didn't put in an impressive number of hours today, but my conference paper is coming along pretty well. I'm trying to "write" it with only the absolute minimum of writing: i.e., I'm taking it from a dissertation chapter, and extracting as much as possible from my existing text. Even though it would probably be easier and faster for me to write new transitions, etc., as needed, I'm combing the chapter for recyclable sentences. At some point I will need to write a new conclusion, since the conference paper has rather a different focus from the chapter (it's amazing how the same prose can be used to make a different point), but that can wait.

I also did some reading today, and I should do some more of that, I guess. Because by "some," here, I mean like 6 pages. And that's pretty lame, I know. I know....

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