Monday, March 12, 2007

A Big Scare!

So I was in yoga tonight. At first, I wasn't really feeling it. I was kind of annoyed with a friend of mine who unfairly takes advantage of another friend of mine. I was distracted and, thus, irritable.

My mat was towards the back of the room, near a wall. About 6 inches from the end of my mat was a big stack of cushions.

Early in the class--in the first downward dog, maybe--I noticed what looked like a bit of fluff sticking to one of the cushions. It looked kind of like the tip of a dustball. I was surprised that there would be dustballs in there--it's a carpeted room, after all--but whatever.

Class proceeded. We began the sun salutations.

And then, in maybe the third downward dog, I looked at the fluff. And: It had moved. It was protruding further from between the mats. It no longer looked like fluff. It looked like it had long, bunchy legs, all sticking out. It looked like: A Really Big Bug.

Okay, I thougt. It could be a spider. Spiders are all right. Or it could be (and this made me shudder--not outwardly; the room was at 95 degrees--but still) one of those awful huge leggy centipede things that live around here.

I hate those huge leggy centipede things.

They freak me out.

Once, there was one in my room, and I wanted to get rid of it but couldn't stand killing it. So I put a cup over it and left it for two days. When I picked up the cup, there was nothing there but a little pile of dust.


My eyes were riveted on this thing. In every downward dog, it was my sole focus, my drishti. The sweat on my ankles felt like creepy little giant centipede legs. Even in poses where I wasn't supposed to look in that direction, like reverse triangle, I somehow found a reason to glance back there.

What would happen, I wondered, when we got to shavasana? When I had to lie there, all passive and vulnerable, just inches away from the disgusting centipede thing? What if it got into someone's shoe?

Oh, it was terrible.

And then we did something that brought us to the ends of our mats. I looked down at my wee nemesis., it was a little tuft of stitching sticking out of the side of a cushion.

Annnyway. On the upside, I was so relieved that I actually turned my attention back to class. And I'd completely forgotten about my aggravating friend.

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squadratomagico said...

This had me snorting with laughter!!! We get crickets in my studio, but they're sweet and we're all quite fond of them. I'd certainly have a hard time focusing on my ujjayi breathing with a multi-legged creepy-crawly right behind me. urgh!!