Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cuca la Praline and other Choses Bizarres

In my effort to cheer up and stop worrying this afternoon, I came across some poems that I wrote in the fourth grade. I went to a French school, so they're in French, which makes them funnier, I think. Below, I give you a bilingual edition of some choice excerpts edition (spelling and grammar are uncorrected):

Les choses bizzares
Sont dans mon placard,
Dans le noir
Mais le probleme vient
Quand ils doivent boire.
Ils boivent mes vetements,
Ils ne sont pas du tout lent,
Mais fortunatement,
Ils ne mangent pas.

(Weird things live in my pantry, in the dark, but the problem comes when they have to drink. They drink my clothes, they aren't at all slow, but fortunately, they don't eat.)

Le cerveau
est tres beau
et pres de Noel
c'est tres belle.

(The brain is very handsome, and, around Christmas, it's very beautiful.)

Perhaps my favorite thing, though, is an enigmatic reference to someone (or something) called "Cuca la Praline."

I am now wishing that that were my blogger identity. Man. How sweet would that be?


Dr. Virago said...

Sweet indeed! Tehee!

I think we were all geniuses when we were in fourth grade. Those poems are delightful! Thanks for sharing.

heu mihi said...

Glad you liked them! I have others....

Cuca la Praline actually appears in a comic alphabet that I wrote. But not, as you might expect, under "C," or even "P". No, she[?]'s under "N": because N is for the name of Cuca la Praline.

I can only dream of recapturing this kind of poetic originality.