Sunday, September 26, 2010

Briefly, I am not behind

Dulles airport shuttle

It's funny how a week's worth of canceled classes can give you just a little edge. But only a little edge. I'm prepping for Tuesday morning's class right now, and that's as far ahead as I expect to get.

Of course, I'm punishing myself (and my students) for my conference by having assignments due in every one of my classes. Yep, I'll be collecting upwards of 100 papers and other miscellaneous thingamabobs over the next two days. This now seems like an appallingly terrible idea. What was I thinking?

But the conference was good. Coming home was good. The house inspector's report was good. Life, in general, is good. Mmmm.

--I am in fact terrifically excited about moving to our new house, even though that won't happen for at least two months. It is so cute! A little 1300-square-foot bungalow built around 1900, with a front porch and a back deck and a separate garage. Hardwood floors in every room (except for the finished basement room, but I can live with that). A working fireplace. Built-ins in the living room and the hall. A breakfast nook (tentatively renamed the Annex) with skylights. A retractable clothesline! Oh wonders. And it's a--yes, I timed it--2.5-minute walk to the office. Hurrah! And it'll be quiet, unlike our current Main Street address!

What's nice is that every time we tell a Field Townian which house it is that we bought, he or she says, "Oh, that one? The one on the corner, with the porch? That's such a cute house!" A few of them even remarked that, when they saw that it was for sale, they were tempted to take a look. It's all very affirming.

What's funny about Field Town is that it's--well, it's a small town. I guess this isn't funny if you're used to it. But to us East Coastal urbanites, it's quite strange how every single person volunteers some history of the house. "The college librarian lived there in the 90s." "That house held a grocery store when I was a little girl" (this from one of the oldest people we know here). "Didn't so-and-so do some work on that place a while back?" "You mean the old Whosits' place, right?"

It's all very charming. And exciting. And kind of scary, for this means that, lo, we're committing--to some extent--to Field Town and Field College. Yikes.


Belle said...

Pictures of new house? Details? Insights? Did I miss them?

Dr. Koshary said...

*Chuckle* Now that Dr. Crazy is moved into her house, we'll have to latch onto you, Heu, for real estate porn!

Field Town sounds cute, much like the house! Doesn't sound so tragic to committing to the place for a while. (As long as you can reach an airport easily!)

heu mihi said...

Koshary--I'm 30 minutes from *two* airports, and each has free parking. Yes, people tried to sell me on the town based on that fact when I first moved here; no, it didn't work; yes, I now think that it's a major bonus and use it to try to sell other people on this town.

Belle--you haven't missed pictures. I don't have any yet, actually, other than the ones on the real estate site; I think that I'll hold off until we take possession in early November. It seems weird to put up pictures of someone else's house! So the suspense continues, for EVERYONE.

Fretful Porpentine said...


(Sorry about the completely random excitement, but I looove the Dulles Airport people-movers. They're just so clunky and awkward and futuristic-in-a-totally-retro-way. The new zip-train just ain't the same.)

Anonymous said...

Am so excited for you and the new nest! :)

medieval woman said...

Many congrats and I too want pics when you have them - do I take it you won't be marketing this year?

What Now? said...

It's all very exciting! And yes, it is quite the commitment to Field Town; how are you feeling about that turn of events?

The cottage as you've described it sounds adorable (and much like our own adorable house in Adventure City, except that we don't have the front porch).

Good Enough Woman said...

The house sounds so great, and I love the ideas of a 2.5 minute walk to work. How awesome. And that Dulles carpet? Looks just like the carpet that covers about 70% of my house. It was there when we moved in, but it was good carpet, so it's still there. Raspberry carpet. *sigh*

Maude said...

I'm so excited for you!! Yay!! I can't wait to see pictures!!