Friday, September 3, 2010

This is about all I have in me at the moment

Logan International (Boston).

I am very, very tired this evening. The three-day weekend will be a positive balm.

Posting of light substance to resume tomorrow.


Sisyphus said...

I'm sorry you have an ugly carpet inside you; maybe you should go to the doctor to get it checked out :P

heu mihi said...

Heh. Actually, what with my allergies this morning, an ugly carpet is a pretty good way of describing the inside of my head. (But the weather is beautiful, so there's that!)

moria said...

There is something wildly hilarious about this. And that's even before you get to Sis's observation of the felicity of literalism. Keep the carpets coming. They appeal to my recent taste for the inane.

(And 'light substance' makes me think of small, delicious appetizers. Blog-tapas. Damn, I'm hungry.)