Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Since too few of you are blogging today to give me a break of sufficient length:
  • The back seems to be more or less okay. It's still tender, but a little stretching and a break for lunch + TV helped, and I think I'll make it. Whew!
  • I forced Marilla Amaryllis into dormancy today, since she could hardly make the trip in her sprawling, droopy-leafed state. I hope that I didn't kill her. Well, we'll find out in 6-8 weeks.
  • There is nothing to eat in this joint but rice cakes. I've eaten like 9 of them today. Thank god I have dinner plans.
  • Boy oh boy do I hope that my rental SUV-type-car is big enough for all the crap I'm taking to Field Town. See, I claim that I'm taking "Only the essentials, the bare minimum," but that's a lie. Unless my wooden Buddha statue, Laotian silk bedspread (which tops my orange silk duvet cover--yes, I sleep in glamor), three stuffed animals, and handmade vase count as "essentials." Oh, and let's not forget the old gooseneck lamp that once belonged to my grandfather (he spray-painted it gold, for some reason), a box of incense and candles, extra coffee cups, and all those books that I've been meaning to read for ages. And a stack of framed photographs along with a few pieces of my mom's artwork, my DVDs (in a zippered pouch, at least, and sans boxes), sleeping bag and camping mattress (in case I have guests with whom I'd rather not share my bed, for whatever reason), various yoga supplies, and ALL my clothes. (And dishes and all that stuff, of course!) It's just...I'm ambivalent about this move, and this job--although I'm very happy to HAVE the job, of course--and I feel that I'll need a lot of familiar, happy objects around me. So perhaps these do count as essentials? All the same, I won't be reciting that list for my minimalist ascetic of a boyfriend. Heh.
  • I have not showered, and "getting dressed" today meant throwing on a pair of cotton shorts. As in, I'm still wearing my pajama shirt, haven't combed my hair, applied deodorant, or put in my contacts. I the permissiveness of exceptional states such as moving and finals! Hm--that didn't come out as pithily as I'd hoped. Anyway, said permissiveness also accounts for the lunchtime TV, which is definitely not something I'd normally allow myself.


Sisyphus said...

Well, if they are essential, they are essential, la! (Just don't let anyone quibble with you over the definition of "essential")

And it sounds like your bed is a haven, a retreat of wonderfulness ... and really, you're going to need some comfort stuff there to keep you from feeling too lonely and uprooted.

It's cool that a) your mom makes art and b) you're bringing some of it with you ... my parents are boring and don't even like to look at that stuff.

medieval woman said...

Good luck with the move - I'm happy you could get all the bars undone and get your stuff out! And it's great that you and Advisor had a nice time. You should post a pic of your bed-gear at some point - it does sound beautiful!

Hilaire said...

Yeah, totally want to see a picture of the bed...

heu mihi said...

I will! I will photograph the beautiful bed once it's reassembled.

One thing I'm going to miss is my actual bed--the frame/mattress--because it is divinely comfortable. I got it from a friend for a few hundred bucks and it was a wonderful purchase. But lo, it too will be living in Storage for the next year, and I don't know what the situation will be exactly in Field Town. Comfort aside, however, it will be glamorous! And I will photograph it!

Fretful Porpentine said...

Good luck!