Thursday, August 9, 2007

According to Plan

Well my goodness, y'all's've been busy. My bloglines are overloaded. And, since I'm writing this from a carrel in the paltry little Field College library (closed after 4:30 pm and on weekends during the summer), I'm unlikely to be caught up anytime soon: my internet won't be connected until Tuesday. Unless, that is, I get my office key before which case I can use my office computer. No promises, though.

So everything went perfectly well, and by general consent this was the most organized move in the history of the world. It's true that I did accidentally put into storage one box that was supposed to come here, to Field Town, and that the cord for plugging in my printer has mysteriously gone missing, but all things considered--this was a 5-day move, involving 9 different people--I'm pretty pleased.

Driving is not scary, by the way. I'm so over my phobia. Hallelujah! I = a functional adult!!

It was really nice having my dad here for the last few days (he drove out with me--a two-day trip--and stayed until this morning). I actually felt a little weepy when he left; it was very comforting to have him around to help me get settled in. He's great with this kind of thing. He'll do things like decide that I need a hanging lamp over my kitchen table (with my consent, of course), then just go out and find me one--and, if we hadn't found one, he was prepared to make one for me. He also made me a big batch of his special, delicious granola to tide me over for a couple of weeks.

But now I'm here on my own, trying to figure out how my life is going to look for the next nine months or so.

My apartment, I like. It's the second floor of an old house, with its own entrance (which is nice) and a very grandmotherly little kitchen. I found a square wooden clock with three geese wearing blue ribbons around their necks on it in a thrift store ($1), contributing substantially to the grandmotherly look. I have somehow wound up with a twin bed (eh) and a huge la-z-boy recliner (complete with built-in cooler!), thanks to the scrounging efforts of my department chair. So the place is furnished, and comfortable, and could use some stuff on the walls. Today I need to get my email account working--in fact, I should do that right now--and then open a bank account.

That's enough for the moment. Apologies for the rather dull and disjointed post, but that's how I'm feeling today. More as I settle. And I'll try to get caught up on all your doings in the next week or so!


Hilaire said...

I'm so happy to hear that you are settled and that it has gone well, jb. I find it hilarious that you have a cooler in your la-z-boy!

I wish you much success in setting up college things like offices, etc.

It's amazing what similar trajectories we were on - long driving trips to new homes with our dads, and so on.

medieval woman said...

Yay! I'm glad you got there okay - I've always secretly wanted a La-Z-Boy with a cooler built in - it's so Friday Night Football...

heu mihi said...

Good to hear from you both, MW and Hilaire! I'm really looking forward to having the internet in my home--I think that it'll diminish the weird evening-time loneliness of the new town. Where everyone is *very* friendly and I am sharply aware of my coastal skittishness: I'm finding myself needing to retreat, even as I want human contact. Funny.

It is weird, isn't it, how we're all three actually in similar situations? At least with regard to the bare facts of moving and starting new jobs. The curse of the profession, I suppose....