Saturday, August 18, 2007

Odd Hours

I never know what to do with this time of day--when it's late enough that I feel done with working, thanks, but too early to actually switch into evening mode. You know, the 5-to-6 slot. After 6 I can reasonably start cooking dinner; if I had a TV I'd turn on the Simpsons or something at 6:30; then there's dinner, and post-dinner work or movies or whatever. That's fine. It's just this little window in between the productive part of the day and the unwinding bit.

I'm sure that once my courses start I'll be too pressed for time to dawdle around over the luxury of an empty hour, but at the moment I'm antsy. It doesn't help that I'm not reading a fun book at the moment--there are other demands on my reading time, and the Potter is behind me--so I can't just switch over to that. I'm also lacking a knitting project or anything else of that sort. Yoga is an option, but I practiced yesterday and frankly I don't feel like it. Every other day is enough for now.

It's good blog-reading weather, methinks. Anyone have a better suggestion on getting through the work-to-lazing transition? And yes, the transition itself can be lazy: work is done for now!


Hilaire said...

Could this be your blog-writing time?

Sisyphus said...

It's my blog-reading time. Possibly with a glass of wine in hand. That or leisurely flip through the mail, if you get random catalogs and stuff.

Or perhaps you could knit something and then post pictures of it for us to see? (heh, no pressure.)

heu mihi said...

Excellent ideas, both! I must get some wine, in fact. And a cork screw. The cork screw was in the box that got left behind (in storage, so it's still accessible, thankfully! My favorite dishes were in there).

I have a picture of something I knitted last year, actually, that I meant to post and never did. So I could pass that off as new work, blog-read from 5 to 6, and call it a day. I think I might also subscribe to a magazine or two.

Yep, it's a productive, deep-thought kind of Sunday.