Wednesday, August 22, 2007

So Wait, I Have to Do This Again?

Oh, I'm tired. So tired.

Didn't sleep all that well last night, in part because it was hot, in part because there's a scary spider living outside my front door (no really), and in part because I was probably a little on edge about my very first day as a real-live professor. And then I got up early to get ready, so that was that.

Assessment of my first day: It was fine. Neither earth-shatteringly great nor earth-shatteringly terrible. My first class was comp, and I was a little nervous, which I think showed in my super-fast talking and a bit of fumbling with words in the first few minutes of class. Second section of comp was much smoother, although it's populated almost entirely by the football team and cheerleading squad, which could go either way (an enhanced sense of community? a more coherent rebellion against the prof? only time will tell). The afternoon's survey course, though, was a lot of fun--or at any rate I had fun. This was maybe the first time I've taught a class in my actual area, and I loved being able to follow students' questions and digress now and again. Also I introduced them all to Old English for the very first time, which was a lot of fun; like all medievalists, I suspect, I love disabusing people of the idea that Shakespeare wrote in Old English.

I need to work on a way to make comp livelier, though. Required courses can be death, death and doom. Hm. The fact that it's the course I'm least excited about probably doesn't help.

Tomorrow I have my upper-level course and that is it. And then--oh god, and then they all meet again, don't they?

One day down, one million to go....

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