Wednesday, August 29, 2007

That's Right, I'm Looking Forward to It

So it's still two+ weeks until the JIL comes out. Why am I so excited about it? Is it just the ability to fantasize more concretely about the various possibilities?

This is a dangerous thing, and evidently last year taught me nothing. Getting too excited about jobs that you haven't even applied for yet--well, it only ends in tears. Nonetheless, I'm already eagerly perusing the Chronicle job list every day (nothing much yet, fellow medievalistas). No, I don't enjoy actually applying for the jobs, but I do enjoy reading about them. Go figure.

I would say that I'm excited because I feel like I have a better shot on the market this year, but a) how good a "shot" one has is entirely unpredictable, and b) I was just as excited last year, with virtually no teaching experience and the Ph.D. not yet in-hand. So whatever.

I guess I just like novelty?


Fretful Porpentine said...

I'm looking forward to it, too. There's something intoxicating about all those possibilities -- it's like taking out a bunch of lottery tickets, although the odds are at least a little better than the lottery!

I also enjoy the MLA convention. Yes, I am a complete weirdo.

Tiruncula said...

I'm kind of excited too, even though I'm not excited about many of the other rituals of fall and don't particularly plan to be on the market.

heu mihi said...

Possibilities! Possibilities are exciting, even if you aren't actually going to pursue them. And yeah, the odds are *slightly* better than the lottery!

Sisyphus said...

Yeah, I think there's something about fantasy and investment --- the jobs are pure possibility, so they can be all things to you simultaneously (both good and bad) and that level of fantasy combined with our level of anxiety about getting a job can be intoxicating.

It's a good thing that the list isn't coming out for such a long time yet, huh. (sticks fingers in ears and hums)

heu mihi said...

Yeah...yeah. You've got, you know, like DAYS and stuff until it comes out! Days can be really long.

Sisyphus said...

Dude! It's a whole _Half a Month_!