Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Stupid Liquor Store!, or, Disconnected Ramblings

Last night I went to my local liquor store for some beer. Standing by the cooler, I was distracted by a young pair at my left: the male was enthusiastically telling his female companion that, because they would be eating goulash, they should purchase a German beer. While I was contemplating how (or whether) to tell them that goulash is in fact Hungarian, I selected what I thought was a nice, ordinary Brooklyn Ale. However, due to my lack of focus, I evidently selected Brooklyn's Black Chocolate Stout instead. What's the problem? Well, it's a whopping 10.7% alcohol (yet conveniently priced at only $8.55/six-pack!). So tonight I had one beer, but then I really wanted another beer (in order to prolong the overall drinking experience), and thought, Hell, I'll have that other beer, why not? But of course now I'm only halfway through beer no. 2 and a little on the tipsy side. Which was decidedly not my intention.

You know what I hate? I hate it when, in movie trailers, they splice up the characters' dialogue so that it sounds like they're responding to the voice-over for the movie commercial. Like the one I just say for the new Pirates of the Carribean movie, where Johnny Depp says "Ooh, I like that," after the voice-over guy says something about seeing the movie right when it first comes out. It's irritating. And they aren't kidding anybody.

Speaking of movies, they're filming part of a movie right around the corner from my house! It's very exciting. The Costumes trailer is literally in front of my building--like, I could step from my front door into the trailer, if I had extra long legs, or something. Today I watched them shoot a scene where two of the main characters rush into a hardware store, and then some people walk back and forth in front of the store. (After three takes, I'd pretty much had enough; I think that the interesting part of the scene was happening inside.) It's kind of cool--they totally created this store out of an empty shop in about 3 days. I actually thought there was a new hardware store in town when I got home from my travels last week. And apparently the star of the movie (the one I watched rush into the store a couple of times) was on "Gray's Anatomy," but I've never seen it, so I don't know anything about her.

Well anyway. It's kind of a nostalgic week for me. On Friday, I'll be heading to my 10th college reunion, where I'll be rooming with a really good friend whom I haven't seen in a long time. The prospect has me thinking a lot about days of yore; I've even busted out some old diaries. Damn, college was crazy times. I do not feel at liberty to disclose exactly what about college was so crazy, but I'm sure your collective imaginations can fill in the blanks. Also, because I finished the sweater I was knitting (pictures forthcoming--I'm very proud!), I decided to resume work on my photo albums from last summer. Which inspired me to look at some other albums from the last six or seven years. It's kind of scary to find a picture of myself from 2002 and think, Damn, I look so young. Shouldn't that not be happening yet?

Okay. I think it's kind of a good idea not to drink and blog, so perhaps I'll stop here. Good night, one and all....

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