Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Aesthetic Decisions

There! Isn't that better?

The old template was just too, too busy. It bothered me. I tried not to let it bother me, but it did. Now I'm happy.

In other news, here is an International Reply Coupon.

I was admiring it the other day, and then I noticed that little guy in the upper left-hand corner. The one in the feathered headdress:

What's up with that, exactly?


Hilaire said...

Isn't it all supposed to be all the peoples (plus assorted superheroes, apparently, given the caped figure beside him) of the world reaching out to join hands and dance merrily around, communing across borders courtesy of their international reply coupons? Gotta love the hackneyed way they continue to portray First Nations people with headdresses. Sigh. Mr. headdress = difference.

I'm interested in the way God seems to be figuring into the main picture, with the touching of the fingers. Sure seems as if the world's postal services are busy and very, very important!

heu mihi said...

Yes, I like how indolent God seems, like he can just barely be bothered to reach across the great golden stamp and brush the hand of humanity. (I'm assuming that God's hand is the one on the right, but I suppose it could go the other way, too--with a whole different set of implications.) And the funny thing about the Headdress Man is that no one else in the little Dancing Circle of Postage (see the guy to his left handing him an envelope? or receiving an envelope from him?) has any discernible ethnic/cultural marker. Except, of course, the superhero.

See, it's such a pretty document, it's a shame that they had to make it all crazy in the details, isn't it?