Saturday, May 5, 2007

Minor Crises

As I prepare for my campus visit, I can't quite assimilate the fact that I'm leaving TOMORROW MORNING. And that I therefore need to get everything done TODAY. In connection with these little surges of stress, I've identified several small crises, or if not crises then problems, which I don't know how to deal with/don't want to deal with. (Yes, of course there's a distinction, but at this point I'm not quite making it.)

Minor Crisis no. 1: Clothing.

I'm fine for the interview proper. I have a suit which is season-appropriate and comfortable, and a little blue shirt that I wear under it which is actually kind of a flattering color. I'm experiencing a bit of anxiety over necklaces--my mock-interviewers told me that I should wear a necklace in order to appear less severe--because the only quasi-grown-up necklaces I own are, themselves, severe: picture a silver rectangle on a silver chain. (I have two that fit that description, in fact.) I have less severe necklaces, but they're little beaded things that might not be nice enough. But. The point is that I'm pretty much fine for the interview.

But I'm also having dinner with the search committee chair tomorrow night, and am really not sure what to wear. I don't want to wear a suit; it would be uncomfortable, for one (my second suit is not as nice as my main one), and besides there's not a chance that it would be appropriate for whatever restaurant we go to. This is a small midwestern town we're talking about, here. And I don't want to look all intense and hyper-professional. I'm probably going to wear pinstripe pants, a plain shirt, and a nice-ish cardigan/sweater; I could wish for a better sweater, but this might be the best I can do.

And then they've actually built in time in my Monday schedule for me to "change for dinner." What does this mean? Change into what? Can't I just wear my suit? I strongly suspect that this time is in there simply because they don't know what else to do with me for the hour and a half between my last meeting and dinner, but it makes me feel like I have a responsibility to change clothing. I have a skirt/sweater ensemble I could wear, but it kind of makes me feel young and vulnerable. It's funny how clothes affect you psychologically--I feel vastly more myself in jeans than I do in anything else, and most of my clothes are kind of...childish. At least, they feel childish to me. Oh well. There is no time to shop.

Minor Crisis no. 2: Laundry.
I don't have enough quarters. I thought I did, but I don't.

Minor Crisis no. 3: The Job Market Is Not Over.
There are applications that I'll need to mail out during the 3-hour window in which I'm back in Homecity on Tuesday, and I need to write these up today.

And I, like, really really don't want to.

Minor Crisis no. 4: Surely there's something else?
Because I won't be back in town for, effectively, 12 days, I can't help but feel that I'm forgetting...something...many things, most likely? Ohhhh I don't want to pack and get my house ready for vacancy! Not again!

Somebody make me stop this infernal whining. Everything I have to do in the next couple of weeks (short of the campus visit, which I'm really really happy to be going on, even if it'll be stressful) will be highly enjoyable. I think I'm just having a bit of a paralyzing freak-out, for lack of a better term. Because, um, I didn't know until yesterday that I'd be leaving tomorrow? And I've kind of been letting things slide this week due to my post-vacation readjustment? And stuff?

Oh, but it does make me look forward to getting to my mom's house and being Taken Care Of for a couple of days. And needless to say I'm very excited to be seeing my partner again, after nearly a month apart!


squadratomagico said...

I think the pinstripe pants with the nice shirt and cardigan hits just the right note: professional, but not too formal, When we build in time like this on our interview schedules, we mainly do so in order to allow the candidate to decompress a little between the most intense stage of the process, and the more informal dinner. We don't actually instruct the person to change, but we assume they likely will reappear in more comfortable clothes.

Not to create problems, but I usually prefer medium-size earrings to necklaces. I think it brings the observer's eyes up to your own eyes more. If a necklace is more your style (and always, always wear what you feel strongest in, not what some jerk says on your blog!), look in the costume jewelry section of a department store for something inexpensive but elegant.

heu mihi said...

Well, I haven't changed my earrings in...10 years? About? So after reading your advice I took a look at my old earring collection. What a trip down memory lane! There's a pair that an ex-boyfriend's mother gave me; I hate them, and never wore them, but felt at the time that they couldn't be thrown away. There's a single, long, dangly sword. There's an earcuff with a little chain to a stud earring. There's a collection of small animals: two birds, two crocodiles, an armadillo, a ladybug, two creepy bug-eyed cats. The dangly silver balls I wore 2 out of 3 days in high school. The beautiful but havy beads my mom's friend gave me; they just about ripped out my earlobes the one time I tried to wear them. Ahhh, memories! Unfortunately I got rid of the jawbone earrings I used to love (and wore 1 out of 3 days in high school, more or less).

But there's nothing presentable in there.

Oh well.