Thursday, May 31, 2007

Exactly How Lame I Am

Why can't I write emails? or make phone calls?

Today's list of Things To Do is made up entirely of emails that need writing and phone calls that need, um, calling. I've managed to get through most of them, but it seriously took me all morning, with little rewards in between (I'll just send that one email to set up lunch with my friend, and then I can have breakfast!). There aren't even all that many--like 4 emails and 3 calls--so the length of time it's taken me to do this is totally unjustified. And none of them are scary. The phone calls have been, so far,

1) to tell my landlord that I forgot to leave him the rent and will give it to him on Monday when I get back in town (and since I'm never late with the rent, and am a very good tenant, there was no chance that he'd be mad about this), and

2) to ask how much doctoral regalia costs and when I can come in to order some.

The third call is slightly trickier because it's about an apartment for next year. But seriously. This is so pathetic. And that's the only thing left on my list for the day. Maybe I'll eat a sandwich and then make a new list of things I want to ask about when I make that call? And then actually call? And hope that I get voice mail and can redirect the entire conversation over to email?

Yes, I am that lame.

More productively, I've been revising my article like crazy this week, and I think that it's much better. I can't finish up until I'm back in HomeCity, though, because I don't have all the books I need. Still, I think that I'm very much on track to get it done by the end of next week, which is quite satisfying.


Hilaire said...

I so identify with this. I also am a terrible procrastinator when it comes to phone calls and emails - terrible. Especially phone calls. I wonder what that's about.

And, since I am currently calling about apartments, too, I completely understand your calling and hoping for an answering machine - I feel exactly the same way.

Courage to you in the house hunt!

Sisyphus said...

I do _exactly_ the same thing. Now imagine me (or you) trying to work at a job that involved a lot of cold calling, or calling to help get out the vote on election day. Blearg!

Calling to make dr's appointments or take the car in are the worst. Oh, the guilt, the guilt!

heu mihi said...

Yeah, it's awful! I used to be incapable of ordering a pizza (that was, like, 15 years ago, but still). Also, at two of my first post-college jobs, I had to spend the first week or so of my employment calling people to try to confirm information, often from companies that wanted that information suppressed. I hated it.

Anyway, I *did* call about the apartment, and it was perfectly *fine*; in fact, the woman was very nice and basically I can have it if I want it, which will make my life much easier for the next few months. Something good can come out of phone calls, after all!

squadratomagico said...

Augh, I get blocks about emails in the worst way. I always respond swiftly to students enrolled in my courses, true; but then sometimes I get in a mood where I just crazy resent having to respond to emails from anyone else. I let them sit there for weeks, for no particular reason at all.

medieval woman said...

Our regalia is about $700 - I'm not kidding!

I'm back from vacation and hope all is well and I'll catch up on reading your blog soon! :)

heu mihi said...

$700? Not anymore, it isn't! We're talking $828.50!!!!!

Seriously, I need financial aid to cover this bitch.

medieval woman said...

Jeez - that was the inflation in one year! Seriously, it was at least $150 cheaper last year...but it's pretty regalia. If you buy it they make it to fit you (my slightly hobbity short physique, e.g.) and they sew your initials inside so no one else can wear it without succumbing to your mo-jo...I felt like one of the Medici clan...