Friday, January 22, 2010

Seventy-Seven Thousand Dollars what my "procedure" cost.

Imagine if I'd had to spend two nights in the hospital.

Nah, we don't need health care reform.


Maude said...

well, if only you were a rich, famous, white guy like Rush Limbaugh, you might think differently. /sarcasm

That being said, Holy Cow!!

Notorious Ph.D. said...

So: tell me that you have good insurance?

But yeah, I know that's not the point: If you're in a job that doesn't provide insurance, you simply don't get to have that "procedure." At all.

heu mihi said...

If I hadn't had insurance, I wouldn't have known I had this condition in the first place (couldn't have afforded the specialist to diagnose it, or the EKGs, or any of it, really).

My insurance is...sufficient. I paid about $1700 upfront and am waiting to see if I owe any more. The total lack of transparency, whereby you don't know how much things will cost until you've bought them? Yeah, that's kind of a problem, too.

P said...

When I was on bed rest for my first (and only) pregnancy, I had to spend 10 weeks of it in the hospital. I had insurance and ended up paying about $1500. I looked at the itemized costs and saw that I actually got charged for things like band-aids and various over-the-counter things like tylenol etc. Blew my mind.

I'm happy you have sufficient insurance. It should be a right and not a privilege, but there you have it.

Health insurance reform, INDEED.

heu mihi said...


Oh my god. Did you lose your mind? Completely? I can't imagine that.... Bed rest is bad enough, but good lord!

P said...

I did lose my mind, but I also managed to get a diss chapter revised, which later got published while I was on the market, which led to my job! The worst part of the ordeal was having to worry -- every day before week 34 -- that Bump would be born too early and, as a result, with serious complications.

Nurses rule.

the rebel lettriste said...

My recent 4 hour stay in the Labor and Delivery Ward? $1700. Thank god they didn't have to do anything more dramatic than have me pee in a cup.

It's obscene, the cost of this stuff.

Flavia said...

!!!!! My sympathies, HM.

I recently went for my annual gyno, and am now fighting with my insurance about the lab work. Turns out? My in-network doctor, who works at an in-network practice, sent my lab work (as one might expect) to the hospital with which she and her entire practice are affiliated. It's the major hospital in these parts, and ALL local doctors and their practices are part of its system.

But apparently the hospital's lab is considered out of network by my insurance. They're paying for the doctor's visit itself, but charging me $360+ for my labwork.

I hate healthcare in this country.