Friday, January 29, 2010

R et R

A few months ago I sent out that Hellacious Article, and hey--revise and resubmit, baby! And it's from one of the Journals of the Medieval Trifecta (and no, not the gynecological instrument journal; I am not yet so bold as to have pretensions there). Hurrah!

I haven't read the reports yet, and of course I won't for at least a day or two, because that's always a sickening experience. I'm frankly surprised that I opened the email right away--so quickly, without thought, like a band-aid. If only all potentially painful experiences could be confronted in such unthinking haste.


What Now? said...

Congrats on the R&R! And I think you're quite right to enjoy this news for a day or two before diving into the actual reports. Hurrah!

Sisyphus said...


And yes, you need to set yourself up with a nice coffee drink and a little muffin or a scone or something and get yourself into the properly academic zen mood before peeking at the reader reports. And they will just end up making your article _better_! How cool is that?

medieval woman said...

Yay and congrats!!! That's cause for celebration!!!

P said...

Great news! Good luck with the reader reports. (I suggest a companion cocktail. Maybe a Martini?)