Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The horror! A service-request bleg.

I just got an email asking me to be a representative on something for which I am, I'm convinced, the WORST possible choice--but the reasons that I'm such a bad choice aren't such that I could voice them. I.e., I find most of the people in this group incredibly annoying and I make fun of them in my head (and to TM) all the time, and I have various campus-political views that aren't in line with what many of the vocal members of this group espouse. It wouldn't be too terribly hideous, time-commitment-wise--one meeting a month--but oh, a part of me will die in every meeting, seriously. The banality! The jargon! And my nemesis will surely be a dominant speaker at every gathering.

Is there any conceivable excuse that I could give to get out of it? I mean, okay, maybe I'd a) come to tolerate the Other Side a little more or b) get the Other Side to see the Good Side's perspective and become more sensible, but agh, no, I would so so rather not be involved.

Ideas, anyone? Or am I doomed?


Fretful Porpentine said...

Hmm, is it the sort of thing where you can make a plausible case that someone who's already tenured would be a more effective representative? Or is that a nonstarter?

heu mihi said...

Pretty much not relevant. However, I just talked to my chair, and he thinks that proper governance is being circumvented! Huzzah! I might have an out *that* way!

If not, then basically it will be a Parade of Maddening Banality for the foreseeable future.

The only excuse I can think of giving is, "You *know* that I'll spend every meeting just compiling a list of all the inane and irritating things that people say so that I can go home and read them to my husband, right?

Notorious Ph.D. said...

How about option C: Taking on this committee with irritating people will give me lots of potentially amusing anecdotes to blog about?

Phul Devi said...

Could you somehow suggest that you have some kind of vague off-campus committment that will make it hard for you to make all the meetings, then suggest an alternate committee (one that meets at a different time)? I mean, people do have childcare or eldercare obligations, take music or athletic lessons, etc., and those really are reasonable excuses for a particular obligation. Ass long as you show that you're willing to do service, you should be able to have some input into which committee... maybe... hopefully?