Saturday, January 2, 2010

Least pithy ad campaign

Received in today's mail, and written out in prominent blue type, over a collection of smiling multiracial people with their arms around each other:
Q: How long can your kids remain covered under your health or dental plan?

A: Much longer than before in many cases.
Maybe it's the wordiness, or the vagueness of "longer than before" and "in many cases," but I find this curiously hilarious.

In other cheering news, Priss, our most melodramatic cat, has fallen in love with her new toy (a piece of string) and has taken to carrying it up to us and then meowing piteously (her meows are always piteous) until we play with her. It's really cute, and fascinating that she seems to understand play: she knows that we're the agents of the string's action, and she knows that she can get us to drag it around in the amusing fashion that pleases her so. I know that a lot of pets do this, but it's some pretty higher-order thinking, isn't it?


Notorious Ph.D. said...

Tres cute. My brother's annoying little dog actually will throw its own ball to fetch. I can watch it do this for ages. So which of us is in more need of external entertainment?

squadratomagico said...

I love that you have a category for "most melodramatic cat." Are the others also melodramatic, only less so?

I bet my TrannieDiva could win an award for "most melodramatic cat." He also brings toys for us to manipulate for him (mousies, in his case) and yes, I always thought it was pretty sophistcated thinking. (Maybe melodrama and intelligence go together?)

Belle said...

I have a dog that gets very happy when she's peed in the house. She always comes and gets me to show off. Another dog likes to join conversations - or start them - by finding a squeaky toy and filling in when it gets to be his 'turn' to speak.

RE: higher order thinking. Much higher than some of the students I've encountered...

undine said...

It is higher order thinking, or at least I'd like to think so. I had a cat once who adopted a leather boot lace as her string and would carry it to us so that we could throw it across the room. She's the only cat we've had that liked to play fetch.