Sunday, November 8, 2009

Technical problems

Field's webmail system has been down all weekend.

My first-years have major drafts due tomorrow.

A few of them need to redirect their papers in ways that I made clear via email.

They cannot read my emails. They cannot reply. They cannot ask questions.

Last weekend, webmail was down on Sunday, and that was plenty annoying. But really? Two full days? I know that this is probably part of the big server migration blah blah blah I don't know what that means that's happening, but oh my God, we're worried about retention and here we are making EMAIL inaccessible to students and faculty every ten days or so.

And might I mention that this shut-down, like many of the others, was unannounced? We'll probably get a message at noon tomorrow telling us that webmail was inaccessible for a few hours over the weekend, or something. Thanks, man.



P said...

If you were on FB, I would send you one of those "Shite Gifts for Academics," specifically the "arrogant and unhelpful tech guy."

Sorry about the outages. So. Not. Cool.

Belle said...

You've just reminded me why I insist on my class stuff being on non-campus servers.

It is, however, a lousy situation for you.