Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Few More Notes about the Heart Monitor

I'm half tempted to take pictures of my bare chest to show y'all what I look like all wired up, but that's probably not a good idea.

I look weird. That's sufficient. I have four wires taped to myself--one above and one below each breast, more or less. What's kind of weirder, however, is how I look when I detach the wires to take a shower: like I have snaps up and down my chest. I kind of want to attach other things to them--like mittens, or something (remember mittens with snaps so you wouldn't lose them? Or am I making that up?). I could have all kinds of attachments! Under my shirt! How odd.

I have discovered the best way to wear the box: on a strap around my waist. I can shove it in front of or behind myself if it gets in the way of something. This did cause it to swing around and annoy me quite a bit during yoga, however; from time to time I would stick it into the waistband of my pants, but it would work its way out pretty quickly.

I set it off by accident three times in the first 24 hours, but have been good for the second 24.

As I remarked in my comment on the last post, the most irritating thing is how obsessed I am with the rhythm of my heart. If I concentrate, I can feel it (and if I'm lying on my side, I can feel it without concentrating at all). I need to push a button to register when I have an "event," so I mustn't miss one; after all, I don't have them very often, and these thirty days cannot be a loss. It is distracting to be so consumed with the inner workings of one's body. It is distracting indeed.

Presumably I'll get used to it soon, and can leave behind this dull subject for the sake of returning to the dull subjects of Grading, What I Need To Do, What I Have Done, and Fatigue.


Good Enough Woman said...

I had a monitor once, so I sympathize. Best of luck with the recordings and the managing of wires.

{{{heu mihi}}}

the rebel lettriste said...

If anybody can manage this with aplomb, it is surely you, my dear.

And I agree with the intense attention one must pay to one's body being boring and frightening all at once. It makes you grateful for the times when everything just ... works the way it's supposed to.

Unknown said...

I am concerned. How strange for you; I do admire your fortitude - ypga! Can you turn it into a work of art - perhaps a performance piece? Let's talk very soon.

Unknown said...

Erm, I meant "yoga!"
Oh, it has been a long day and it's only 4 pm.