Monday, September 17, 2007

Trying to Work, and Failing

I need to prep for tomorrow--we're talking about Plato, for Christ's sake--but I'm having some problems focusing. Why?

Some theories:
  1. The relatively huge number of jobs in my field this year. (Twenty-five straight-up medievalist jobs on the JIL so far, by my count. And that's not including all the "early English" and "Medieval or Renaissance" jobs.) And some of them would be amazing--of course, these are jobs I almost certainly* won't get, but I do love the dreaming part.
    (*The "almost" has no business in that sentence, obviously. Nonetheless....) (See? The dreaming at work!)
  2. One of the jobs that's posted is a job I had an MLA interview for last year. Why might this be? And what are my chances this year? During market-season I develop a highly idiosyncratic system of statistical calculation; it's time I get back into that.
  3. I dunno. I'm tired. Got in at about 10:30 last night after a solid 11-hour journey (door to door). The Metropole is too damned far away. Not a place to go for a weekend. This makes me sad.
  4. I just went to a "tenure and promotion" info meeting. Of course, I'm not on the tenure-track here, but there's a chance that I could be eventually. So this was somewhat interesting.
  5. My two comp sections continue to be dialectical opposites. Intriguingly, however, they have switched poles: the formerly-sluggish is now lively and fun, while the other one has gone from happy and talkative to downright mute. Ech. (But the lit classes are great! I love them!)
  6. I have promised myself that I can have a beer when I'm done prepping, but I really want a beer now, and thus I am not prepping.
  7. I have been very stupid in the arrangement of my Netflix queue, to my aggravation. So I have a stack of movies I don't want to watch (or don't have time to watch), and the TV shows I enjoy will not come until I have watched them. Why do I do this to myself? Oh, why??
Okay. I want that beer. Reward system, I command you to work!


Fretful Porpentine said...

One of the jobs that's posted is a job I had an MLA interview for last year. Why might this be? And what are my chances this year?

I was in that situation last year, and our job placement officer pointed out that it could be a lot of things -- maybe they didn't like anyone they brought in for campus interviews last year and for some reason they weren't able to dip back into the pool, maybe they hired someone who flaked on them, maybe they weren't able to secure the money. So you might have a chance. (That said, when I reapplied I didn't even get a nibble, but it's pretty hard to generalize from one example.)

Bardiac said...

^^ What she said!

I'd re-apply. The re-advertising can mean any number of things, but it's quite likely that there will be a different committee working on the applications, so it's worth applying again.

Good luck on the job front.

heu mihi said...

It's a decent job in a way-cool location (one where TB could pretty easily find work), so I'll definitely reapply.

To deepen the mystery, from what I've been able to tell, the adjunct they had filling the role last year (who I assumed was an insider candidate) is now a VAP, despite the fact that the job was advertised as TT. I guess that supports the theory that they didn't like any of their campus visitors? Oh, who knows. I'll apply. And now that I will have actually taught a relevant class or two, maybe better things will happen.

Sisyphus said...

Hmm, that is the case for me as well ... or, a place I applied last year has a new, slightly-different-but-I-still mostly fit job this year.

I figure I'll throw 'em an application no matter what. Who knows?

And my field was pretty plentiful too, and more stuff will still be coming out for the next few weeks I'm sure ... what's up with that? Strange thing, this job market.

medieval woman said...

Heu, I saw that ad and thought of you! I assumed the same thing about that insider guy, but he does something a little different right? Anyway, I think the joblist is already looking good and I know of a couple of hires that aren't on there yet!

Good luck and keep us posted!

Belle said...

Apply! Apply! And BTW, what happened that your comp classes flipped poles? Be nice to yourself; you did a seven point blog; that's cause for a reward...

heu mihi said...

I like the way you think, Belle.

I don't know what happened to the comp kids. Eh. I don't see them today, so I'll put them out of my mind.

Sis--I'm glad your list is looking good! May we all have excellent luck this year.

MW--thanks, and I will!

undine said...

On #7: Send 'em back to Netflix without watching them and reorder them later. I used to let stuff sit forever until I realized that (duh) nobody at Netflix was keeping track of whether I watched them or not.

Notorious Ph.D. said...

Re: #1 -- You know, it's the exact opposite in History -- fewer than a dozen medieval jobs, including the ones where medieval is mixed with something else. There's gonna be panic at the AHA this year. This all makes me very, very happy to have finished in a relatively good year (30-ish jobs), and to be employed.