Monday, September 3, 2007

So! What's been going on over here?

Hm. Perhaps bullets will make me feel more efficient.
  • The Boyfriend was in town from Thursday night until this afternoon. It was really wonderful to have him here; it made me realize how much farther apart we are now, and how much I miss being able to hop on down to the Metropole every two weeks (I even fleetingly missed the Bad Movie Bus). But I'll be flying out there in less than a fortnight--for a very short visit, admittedly, but I'm looking forward to it already.
  • We had a good time, TB and I did, driving around in a rented car and attempting to enjoy the sights. Unfortunately nothing in the Fields is open on Sunday, it seems--a fact that we failed to take into consideration (or even anticipate) yesterday, resulting in a rather rambling cruise around a nearby town, an ice cream at the DQ, and a stop in a scruffy sports bar while we waited for a movie to start. The movie, by the way, was Superbad, which was about what you expect--and before you wonder at my cinematic choices, let me just say that I love the kid who used to play George Michael in Arrested Development, and it's totally worth it (well, maybe only a little bit worth it) to sit through the puerility of the first half-hour of the movie in order to enjoy his George-Michael-worthy anxieties later in the film. And that's all I'm going to say about that.
  • We watched several other movies, too (a truly relaxing weekend!), including Apocalypto. I have some very strongly--well, "mixed" is hardly the right word for my feelings about M. Gibson. I have a problem or two with him. But one thing I will say is that he does not hold back in any way in his directorial decision. At least not in this one (I haven't seen the Jesus movie, although as a medievalist I half feel that I should): The man commits to his scenes. Good fucking god.
  • I am currently about 70% prepared for class tomorrow. This is the class that could almost run itself--but my superstitious side believes that it'll only almost run itself if I spend at least two hours looking over the readings and making copious notes, with lots of things in ALL CAPS and/or heavily underlined.
  • Being with TB this weekend made me think a lot about what I want for the future. Well, that's misleading. What I mean is that it confirmed what I want for the future, namely for us not to be long-distance forever, my lord, of course, and has roused in me that old impatience. A bunch of jobs appeared on the Chronicle site today--only a couple in my field, alas--but looking over them brought back the familiar feelings of eagerness and anxiety.
  • It would be awfully nice to have a car, I confess.

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Hilaire said...

I'm glad you two had such a relaxing weekend. Boo for job market stress, though...