Saturday, September 29, 2007

Oh, the Things I Need to Do

5:00 might be a little late for a to-do list, fine. FINE. But here it is anyway, because this must be an Evening of Productivity. And possibly of Beer, As Well.
  • finish grading comp papers
  • prep one class (just one! The other's getting done tomorrow)
  • fix a healthy dinner, for God's sake
  • making a few minor revisions to the CV and book proposal--nah, just the CV (hey, how do you cross things out in Blogger?)
  • read one article
  • (maybe) rough out revisions to the Conditional Article
Today was not as productive as it maybe could have been, though I seem to have kept busy. I did, finally, do several important house things, like make granola and repot a plant, and I got through a small amount of reading. But a colleague organized a Grading Party at the local coffee shop (a small Grading Party--just the three of us new folk), and that was less productive than humanly possible. I got through a lot of papers, but not four hours worth of papers. Oh well. I suppose it's good that I occasionally speak to people on the weekends.

Boring post, sorry. But that's the view from here.


Belle said...

Well, after reading Ferule's schedule, your's sounds more reasonable. And may I say, I am sooooo glad I'm not a comp teacher. I'd never survive the grading ya'll do.

Have a beer in my name, eh?

Sisyphus said...

Evening of Beer, eh? We may need to institute a West Cost Branch of that celebration.

I like the idea of Grading Parties --- they preserve sanity even if they are not as beneficial for actual grading. And look at you with your making granola and yogurt and whatall! I opened a can of soup for lunch, myself.

The lines are called strikethroughs and you can do it with an s and a /s inside those little caret marks on either side of what you want crossed out. There are examples of these little tags right below the box I'm commenting in.

Sisyphus said...

That's West Coast, gah!

Tupac would have my ass if he were here today.