Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ho Hum

It's Saturday night, and the plan is to watch a movie I've had sitting on my desk for lo these many (3) weeks. But my to-do list for the weekend is so long that I feel I have to do some more work before I get into that. Also I haven't done the dishes yet. The truth of the matter, however, is that I don't want to work any more. And so I'm mucking about on the internet, instead.

Today I have:
  • read and prepped for 2 classes
  • read for a third class
  • ordered books for some down-the-line course prep
  • graded 9 mid-length papers, 5 one-page papers, and two batches of a quick homework assignment (this grading, in toto, took 2.5 hours--my hand hurts)
  • gone to the grocery store
I really feel like I did more than that. I mean, I worked pretty steadily all day. One course reading/prepping session took about three hours, so I suppose that that slowed things down--but still. I must grade the rest of those mid-length papers this weekend (six to go!), and there's a whole bunch of job stuff that I need to get a handle on immediately. And I need to prep the third class--although that should be quick, since we're actually reading excerpts from a text that I did significant work on for my dissertation, so I can very easily give lots of contextual stuff and whatnot.

Weekends are just too short, though. I'm not at all used to this kind of schedule (o graduate school! how I miss thee, already!), and the weekdays just pass in a blur with no time to do anything outside of what's immediately required. Then there are the meetings, of which there are a lot more than I would have anticipated--departmental meetings, all-faculty meetings, new faculty meetings. And I've agreed to advise a student organization, which shouldn't take up too much time, but they're getting their year started and are meeting rather a lot at the moment. Oh, and yes, I'm trying to get some exercise a few times a week, since my new location doesn't give me the long daily walks that I'm used to. It's astounding how little time there is for anything else--even things like cooking and keeping the apartment reasonably clean--once all of that stuff is added up.

No, this isn't one long whine, although I know that it looks like it. I'm truly just amazed at how busy I am this year; I knew that I'd be busy, intellectually, but I don't think I'd quite absorbed the reality. (I've used that phrase hundreds of time in my life, I think. No wonder my dissertation had to do with experience as a means of gaining knowledge, eh?)

Meanwhile, a small mystery:
I received a yoga DVD in the mail the other day, with no note. The Boyfriend didn't send it to me; neither did my mother. There are a few other suspects, but I haven't fully investigated yet. I assume that I'll eventually figure out where it came from, but in case I don't, I would like to extend my appreciation here--thank you, anonymous sender! Even if you never read this (and unless you're a particular one of my suspects, you probably never will), my gratitude and pleasure is hereby publicly broadcast.


Notorious Ph.D. said...

Sounds like you got a lot done today, so congratulate yourself. I'm not quite sure where my day went. Seems like I have a lot of those lately.

heu mihi said...

Yeah, well, nothing much happened last weekend, work-wise, so I hesitate to get too self-congratulatory. I have, however, finally watched that movie. Oh, Netflix, my old foe!

Sisyphus said...

Good luck with the grading!

I read posts like this and have momentary flashes of "oh shit, what am I getting myself into"?

Here's hoping that it all smooths out after a month or two of steep learning curve, eh?

Belle said...

I'm ever so impressed with your productivity; I spent Saturday helping a friend paint her two spare bedrooms. Oh, except that neither got painted. The best we could manage in the 10 hours alloted was getting them emptied, ceilings painted and walls cut in w/primer.

Weirdness abounds: I could have painted two of my own rooms in that amount of time.

So give yourself a couple of hours on Sunday for self, do the yoga disc, and take a long walk. You'll be happier about it no doubt.

Did I mention my own envy at your productivity? If not, consider it noted.

What Now? said...

Wow, that sounds like an amazingly productive day. Congratulations! I mostly napped on Saturday, but I actually think that was the most important thing I needed to do for the coming week, so I'm giving myself a break about it.

Ancrene Wiseass said...

The truth of the matter, however, is that I don't want to work any more. And so I'm mucking about on the internet, instead.

Ha! That's exactly what I'm doing, right now!

I got a mysterious gift, too. Hmmmm.