Monday, April 9, 2007

Things to be somewhat cheerful about (or, Things about which to be somewhat cheerful, if you prefer)

As the weather sort of refuses to warm up, various other misfortunes (well, inconveniences) seem to be accruing, as well. For instance, the woman with whom I need to make an appointment to file my dissertation is out of town until like exactly when I go out of town for my conference, and I won't be back until the day before the last possible day to file. And the job stuff trudges on. And...oh, well, I guess that's it. Oh and my cell phone battery is aggravating me, again.

So here are some of the positives:

  • An hour and a half of vigorous yoga can do miraculous things when one is in a self-pitying state of mind.
  • My landlords left me an Easter basket, complete with candy and fake plastic grass.
  • My amaryllis is growing with absurd rapidity. Maybe it'll even flower before I go away!
  • My dad and stepmom got me flowers. Which I find very touching, for some reason. And my mom just said that she's sending me a present; her presents are always strange and cool.
  • I have a fun knitting project going on.
  • I have no real deadlines at the moment. (This one is huge. I should repeat it to myself nine times a day.)
  • I'm going to an exciting conference and then doing a very small bit of exciting post-conference travel in the near future.
  • Making lists of nice things is a remarkable way of feeling better about one's life.

Psychology sure is easy, eh?


medieval woman said...

How can she be out of town during crunch time?? That's CRAZY!!! It's the end of spring semester!

heu mihi said...

No kidding!!!!! Well, she did answer her email. So I now have an appointment for 10:30 on May 1.