Monday, April 2, 2007

La Defense

--is over!

(Seriously, how do you do accents in blogger?)

So yeah, it's done, and it was fine. My committee had questions and whatnot, but for the most part the questions weren't particularly difficult, and they were also pretty complimentary. So uh...I'm finished! No more grad school for this girl!

(And therefore: No more fretting about my upcoming defense on this blog!)

Thanks to everyone who wished me good luck! Now--to enjoy my free bottle of champagne at the grad bar. Hooray!


Sisyphus said...

Congrats, congrats! Bring out the wine and chocolate! (claps hands) bring forth the dancing grad students with rings on their fingers and bells on their toes! Bring the pyramids of trained elephants! Bring out the celebratory Hat of Successful Defense!

(You only get to borrow that Hat of Successful Defense, you know. Someone else needs it next week.)

Hilaire said...

That is so wonderful!! Congratulations!! Oh, such a huge achievement. I remember the unbelievable feeling of relief I had when mine was done. It shocked me, that feeling. I hope you have that feeling - it's great. Savour it for days and days!!

heu mihi said...

Thank you! Celebration duly engaged in. Maybe that's part of why I'm so tired today.

It's a weird kind of feeling, being done--I actually do feel a little different. Sort of Free. Sort of...Authorized. And like my mind is suddenly available to think about other things, which is really nice!

Another Damned Medievalist said...


medieval woman said...

That's fantastic - sorry I'm a little late chiming in! Were there many people there?? I'm sure you rocked and are glad it's over.

The Grad Bar gives free bottles of champagne? I never knew that...

heu mihi said...

ADM: Thanks!

MW: You missed your champagne?? The thought of that bottle was what kept me going for the last two years. Bartender M also gave me a free shot of something extremely sweet.

Attendance was fine (especially considering the smallness of my dept's seminar room), and everything went smoothly. Really, not such a terrible ordeal after all.

Another Damned Medievalist said...

Oh -- for accents,

boshness said...

About accents: do them in Word, then copy and paste. Word supplies accents and corrects spelling and some grammar for me in four languages, as well as supplying dictos and thesauri.(There are other, more kludgy ways to do it, but why.) Just discovered, this box itself does spell-checking in French, Spanish, and English. See?

Félicitations pour le succès de ta défense.
La réussite est merveilleuse. Célébré-la!