Thursday, April 12, 2007

Frivolous Photography for a Rainy Day

This is the porcupine that I made out of an old tee-shirt and some colorful socks last fall, pictured here with the Brass Duck. LIke so many before it, this project,--which I initially figured I'd complete in about four evenings of work--got entirely out of hand: it took something like seventy-six hand sewn quills to cover its back, and at least two weeks of evening sewing sessions to complete. I am a champion time-filler.

Actually, I was pretty productive this morning: I managed to get through most of my article revisions, even the substantive ones. It's so satisfying to read secondary stuff when you know exactly what kinds of things you're looking for, and how they'll fit into the larger project. Then I talked to my mom for a ridiculously long time and kind of ran out of steam--hence the porcupine photography. Now I'm seriously considering blowing off the various conflicting activities I had scheduled for this evening because it's raining, and my apartment is so very nice! I'm kind of in a hermit phase this week, I think. I went to a big department talk last night, which was interesting, and hung around the reception chatting with people I hadn't seen in a while, which was nice--but, between that and Tuesday's seminar, I sort of used up my university-related social energy for the week.

This weekend will bring more enjoyable socializing: drinks with my friend H tomorrow, who's just back from delivering a big lecture Elsewhere, and then dinner with Medieval Woman on Saturday. Should be fun!

Oh. And because I'm obsessed with photographing birds through my bedroom window, here's another bird picture for y'all.


Phul Devi said...

Porcupine, O porcupine
you are so very plush and fine!

heu mihi said...
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heu mihi said...

I made you so you must be mine,
Oh my darling porcupine!
Although it's true that I did whine
(On sewing quill no. sixty-nine):
"My God! This takes up too much time!
What madness! What absurd design,
To sew a small fat porcupine
--Who is, admittedly, divine--
When I had better spend my time
Constructing varied syllabine
Or reading old Saint Augustine!"
Yet I sewed on, in wav'ring lines,
Until I saw--oh! How sublime!--
The true Platonic porcupine
Take shape between these hands of mine.
Now when I read, or sleep, or dine,
It is beneath the eyes benign
Of my splendid Porcupine.

Sisyphus said...

"This is the porcupine that I made out of an old tee-shirt and some colorful socks last fall, pictured here with the Brass Duck."

That there should win a Best Blog Opening Line Award, or at least Most Absurd. Rock on!

squadratomagico said...

Plush porcupines bring out the silly in everyone, apparently!