Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fan Mail

In the last few months, I've received some (slight) correspondence about my book. So far, this correspondence has come from the following places:
  • a prison
  • a Bulgarian monastery.
I am pleased to have appealed to such a diversity of audiences.


In other news, Spring Break is here, and I am trying to get all my homework done early in the week. The week after break promises to be absolute madness, what with: my regular evening seminar; campus interviews for a new departmental hire; a meeting to decide on candidates for a different search committee; a board meeting of the homeless shelter on whose board I serve as Vice President, our first with our new director; a big-deal public lecture delivered by TM; a faculty meeting that is destined to be of epic length--such things will take up Monday-Thursday. On Friday, the English faculty depart for a conference in City to the North with about 15 students, returning Saturday night. And the week afterward, the search committee that I'm actually on will be holding campus interviews. Thus, I am trying to prep all of my classes for next week, and read ahead for the week following, so that I will not simply DIE.

My plan, originally, was to start drafting an article this week. That would be nice. I might just need to not die of work. That might be the best of plans.

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Dr. Koshary said...

Nifty fan mail! I think if I ever wrote a book that gets that sort of broad public reception, I might drop dead of shock. You didn't tell the Bulgarians monks about your bathroom decor, did you?