Saturday, February 26, 2011

Aerial View

It would appear that I still have little to say.

(Actually, I could talk your ear off, but it doesn't mean that any of it's worth saying. Also I'm pretty tired. In blogospheric news, however, I did get to catch up a bit with both Dame Eleanor Hull and The Rebel L this weekend! RL and I even got to celebrate her first night out in living memory. Good times were had.)


What Now? said...

Your cats are so darn cute! I love how they snuggle up together.

How is RL doing? I find myself fretting about her now that her blog is password-protected. But if you all were hanging out, I'll assume that things are good.

Fretful Porpentine said...

I, too, have been wondering about the Lettriste. Hope all is well with her.

heu mihi said...

I'm not sure that they're so much "snuggling" as "vying for dominance," but yes, they are pretty cute.

RL is fine; there's been no change in her situation (either for better or worse). And the boys are just lovely!

Sisyphus said...

I love both cat pictures and meaningless chatter, so you should post whatever random thoughts come into your head without worrying about whether they are "worthy anything"!!!

Anonymous said...

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