Monday, March 21, 2011

Annnnd not so much (the writing, that is).

School's back in session this week. Am I the only one who finds the post-spring-break re-entry hard?

Also we're hosting job candidates this week and next, so things are more hectic than usual. Mondays are my long days: I teach at 10 and then from 6-8:45, usually with a handful of meetings at odd hours in between. Today also included a teaching demo, a meet & greet with the candidate, and a candidate lunch. Whew.

There've been a lot of searches here lately, and one thing that I've become increasingly aware of is the following: When you're interviewing for a job at a small college like this one, where the faculty need to work together a lot, much of what the interview is for is to find out whether we like you. Like, as a person. Do we want to hang out? How will you be on a committee? Could I see having this person over for dinner, and enjoying myself?

This is not a profound point or anything--obviously "fit" has a lot to do with whether or not one gets along with the department on a personal level--but it's much more important than I would've thought coming in. I suspect that it's especially important at colleges like Field, where being a cutting-edge scholar is less important than being able to engage students successfully and contribute towards the College's ongoing development.

Again, not profound. But at the end of my 13-hour day (on campus by 8am; off campus by 9pm), it's all I've got. (And yes, I know that I say "important" three times in the last paragraph, but I'm not going to revise it or anything.)


Fie upon this quiet life! said...

It will be very interesting to be on the other side of the hiring process. No idea when that will happen for me, but the department I'm entering hasn't hired anyone else for about a decade. So maybe it'll be sooner than I think. Good luck with the exhausting work! May is just around the corner.

Belle said...

My mentor profs told me off this - the need for the members of the committee to want to work with you, or someone like you. In a small area department? Essential. When ignored? Nobody is happy.

Anonymous said...

I find re-entry difficult, too.

Though this year, I'm actually finding break difficult. So. Maybe it will be easier Monday?

Anyway, I get it. Hugs.

Pepe Cadena said...

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