Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First Review

I'm filled with JOY this afternoon. And it's only partly because we're having at least 1.5 snow days (starting this afternoon and possibly lasting through Thursday--Wednesday is definitely off). This is the third actual blizzard I'll have witnessed this year--bringing my Grand Lifetime Total up to 4. Ironically, the blizzard is requiring the cancellation of a climate change denier's speech. Heh. Earth doesn't like him.

Anyway. The main reason for my JOY is an email that I've received from one of my Medievalist Heroes. Actually, she is probably my One True Medievalist Hero. Truly a fabulous and awesome scholar. I love her work--it's erudite, compelling, and an actual pleasure to read.

She emailed me because she's reviewing my book...and she likes it! In fact, she's sending me a couple of her own off-prints in the hopes that I'll find them interesting! (By the way, isn't that just a nice thing to do? I'll have to remember it for when I'm big & fancy.)

First of all, it's honestly thrilling for me to have anyone who's a medievalist (i.e. not my mom--whose first words about the book, by the way, were, "I don't mean to be critical, but there were a lot of typos," so maybe she's not the best counterpoint here) actually think that my work is legitimately good. But to have such a medievalist say so--well! I might just need to dance around the living room to "Come on Eileen." Too ra loo ra loo indeed!


undine said...

Excellent news--congrats!

LenapeGirl said...

What a wonderful validation. Enjoy it to the hilt!

Renaissance Girl said...

Both of these pieces of news are wonderful--and the thrill of validation will last far longer than the snow does!

What Now? said...

Hurrah -- what fabulous news, and how lovely to have an unexpected mid-week snowday vacation in which to dance around celebrating!

Earnest English said...

Awesome!!! You SO rock!

May much dancing ensue!

medieval woman said...

Yay! That's awesome news!!