Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Status Update

First of all: Kalamazooers, it looks like the 8:00(ish) Friday morning MugShots meet-up is happening again. I hope to see you there!

More substantially: It's the end of the semester, or almost, and I feel inclined to do a little summarizing. So here's where I am, in the form of a numbered list.
  1. Classes end tomorow. I only taught two this semester (and people, if you only teach two courses per semester, you do not ever get to complain about teaching load, especially if your classes are, as mine were, small [21 and 10]. It is a sweet, sweet deal, even when you're stupid and spread that teaching out to five days a week). One release was for Honors, which has been eating my life this month (as it's supposed to), and the other was for research/editing the manuscript. Updates on the latter below.
  2. Honors: The situation that I mentioned a few days ago is en route to resolution. And otherwise everyone and everything is on track. Whew.
  3. The book: is being indexed. Slowly. In full terror that I'm doin it rong. But it does look pretty! And I must say that I did a killer job of editing it in the last go-round, because I'm finding almost nothing to change (other than a handful of editorial errors for which I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE. So there).
  4. Other research: My grand plans for drafting a proposal for The Next Big Thing did not materialize, but I was able to read some real live scholarship in the field, and I currently have two articles out for review (one a big-shot R&R, the other a small-shot solicited submission). So that's cool.
  5. In my personal life...erm...things are fine? Not sure how to update this one. We have stuff in the gardens (yes, plural), due almost entirely to The Minister's machinations. Today we hunted for morels. It was a failure, but the forest was beautiful, and we got to ride his Vespa.
  6. Next year: I'll be teaching a mess of stuff, including a one-hour overload in the fall (5 classes! 4 preps! I die) and mentoring 12 Honors juniors through the prospectus process, which might kill me, while serving on 4 thesis committees. As for my service load: I will be chairing curriculum and also serving on what I affectionately call the Gossip Committee (actually a task force, but that doesn't have much of a ring to it) and the Cash Cow Working Group. Protection of junior faculty from service? Not so much. And I'll be attending an overseas conference in the middle of the semester, which'll make scheduling all kinds of fun. However, I shall endeavor not to think about the fall when the summer is so tantalizingly close.
  7. Classes end TOMORROW. In my head, they're already over. (But I still need to read for tomorrow's class....)
The semester in seven bullets. There ya go.


undine said...

Are you using an indexing system (software) or doing the index through Word? Inquiring minds want to know.

heu mihi said...

Just a Word document. I am technologically unfancy. And I am definitely not saying that this is the best way to go; at this point, I feel utterly incapable of giving advice (though I am no longer so anxious about the thing; I think that it will be good enough, and if it is not perfect, no one is likely to know the difference).