Thursday, April 29, 2010


At Field, we have a one-day study period between the end of classes and finals. It's awfully short; I would be fully in favor of having what we had at both my undergrad and grad institutions--a full week of study period--provided, of course, that a couple of days were lopped off at the instructional end and not the vacation end (which was, I assume, how things worked at UGI and GI; our semesters at both schools were shorter than they are here). Of course, every time I think this through, I realize that I can just redirect the last few teaching days in my classes towards paper-writing--which is what I often do, in fact. So anyway.

The POINT is, we have this one day. My papers come in tomorrow and Tuesday.

And all I want to say right now is that I love study day. It's my own little holiday of cleaning. We're supposed to spend most of it in our offices, and I do: I clean out my folders, enter participation grades, recycle a LOT of stuff, and move files from the Courses In Progress drawer to the Courses Taught drawer. (And, now that I have a workable Brit Lit I, move that file from Courses Taught to Courses In Progress--I'm all set for 1/4 of my fall teaching! Sorta.)

This year, the day wrapped up with a beer-and-wine-and-cheese (quite literally: there were no crackers. ???) reception in the Fancy Room at the library. There's something very pleasant about drinking with the rest of the faculty in the library while students are (supposed to be) studying for finals.

(Perhaps we're no better than they are?)

I'm braced for grading and my office is clean. Summer, here you come.


Good Enough Woman said...

Your lull sounds so pleasant! I love tidying my office (but I don't like to do it after I've graded finals--then I just want out). And I totally get the idea of enjoying drinking wine and beer with cheese in a fancy library with colleagues while the students are busying internalize all of the things they've been learning. It's all very collegy and nice. But I think I'd want crackers.

Notorious Ph.D. said...

Are the crackers victims of budget cuts?

heu mihi said...

Maybe! And if the administration is cutting crackers over beer, then I'm fully in support.