Monday, April 5, 2010

Hey Blogger, you know what's annoying?

When I draft a post last week, then forget about it, then go in and post it, and the date that is associated with it is NOT today, when I actually posted it, but the date last week when I drafted it.


So I have that silly post up now.

I don't know why I haven't been blogging. No particular reason, really. Same with writing in my diary--just nothing much to report, though everything is proceeding more or less swimmingly. No real irritations, even (I mean, little bitsy ones of the kind that we can't avoid, but nothing worth writing down). (Other than, perhaps, a recent back-and-forth with my on-again-off-again nemesis, but I'm going to save that for another day...or never, maybe, since I don't want to write anything that I would be too troubled to have get out. Not that our nemesisity is all that fraught. But I'd be embarrassed if s/he knew what I was thinking. And honestly, it's probably not very interesting to people who don't know this person.)

Recent triumphs? Some little ones. I got a grant to go look at a manuscript this summer. So now I need to refresh my Latin and my paleographic skillz, such as they are, which have never really been tested before (unless you count the midterm exam for my paleography course. That was an ass-kicker. I did well, though, after a breakdown over my notes the night before the test. But that was, oh, seven years ago?). I've also had some more good conversations with Awesome New Dean, who said something to me the other day about "needing to surround [him]self" with people like me (i.e. intelligent, committed to the liberal arts, and not completely burnt out). It is pretty awesome, I must say, to be an Insider. Even if that's kind of an illusion. I mean, we're such a small campus that almost everyone could be an Insider. But I could name at least five people who are not Insiders, because they are irritating, and so at least I get to hang on to some sense of being Special.

My brother and SIL are about to have their baby--he or she was due on Saturday, in fact. I'm keeping my phone handy these days.

Erm...what else? Well, most fantastically OF ALL, we get Good Friday and Easter Monday off. So I'm at the tail end of a four-day weekend. Really, I think that we need four-day weekends every week. Because it takes three days to actually realize that you have a break, and then the fourth is a nice day to finish catching up.

(Also the weather is spectacular.)

And after this, only 3 1/2 weeks of school left. I am so ready for summer. Lordy.

Thanks for bearing with me through this self-indulgent and uninteresting post! We appreciate your patience.


Good Enough Woman said...

Yay for all of the good news. And you only have 3.5 weeks left? That is amazing. I'm just now starting spring break, and after break, I have six weeks left. *cough*

medieval woman said...

Ooo, jealous - you guys end EARLY!

Anonymous said...

"nemesisity" = my new favorite word. Brilliant!

And you can change that date in Blogger...go to Edit Post and when your post opens for editing, click on the blue words in the lower left corner (I think it's "post options" or something like that). It will unfold a small window in which you can see the date and time on the right lower side. Enter the date you want instead and save it. Voila! Your post will be in the correct chronological spot.

heu mihi said...

Thanks, Ink!

And yes, we do end early! But we start early, too--Jan. 11 this time around, I think. Next year we start a week later and don't finish until MAY. I'm not sure how I'll deal.