Friday, October 9, 2009

Postcards from Boringland

I've got pictures from the hayride to eventually post, but not at the moment. And square dancing was EVEN MORE FUN than it was in the sixth grade. Seriously. Teh hilarious.

Right now, though, I = sick (just a cold; TM's got it too) and have to give this big public lecture thing on Tuesday. And classes this week were sort of meh. Nothing traumatic, just dull. It's homecoming week here, though, so that might explain it. Also I'm teaching Twelfth Night again, which I just can't teach in a compelling way, for some reason. Perhaps it's drama in general, with which I have little experience. (And I let myself off the hook for boring comp classes.)

Um...yeah, I think that that about covers it. But lest you think the situation is too dire, I should add that today was a day off (homecoming, again), so last night, after a colleague's talk, TM and I built a fire and watched "Rome" whilst drinking calvados and then fell asleep on the floor with the cats. There are luxuries, now and again.


Sisyphus said...

Ahh, fun! Pretty much anything involving wine and cats and a Mr. is fun. Even with a cold.

P said...

I'm all about falling asleep with cats these days. Your evening sounds just lovely.