Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh, Midwest!

Field College, in wee Field Town, is, well, in the Fields. We are rural.

I say this up front so that you will better understand this weekend's Big Plans.

First, there is a Quilt Show at the Farm Bureau Administration Building on Friday night and all day Saturday. I will be in attendance, because it's to benefit the non-profit on whose board I sit. I will also very likely be paying for all of the tickets that I was supposed to sell but was too passive/embarrassed to push on people.

Second, TM and I have been invited to have dinner with a few other "young couples" on Saturday and then to join them at the Square Dance Fellowship Event at the church. I have not square danced since elementary school (although I confess that I loved it back then).

And finally, on Sunday afternoon, we will trek out--well, it's not so much of a trek, being less than a mile away--we shall wander out to a local farm for a hayride and "wiener roast" (oh, poor vegetarian me). We're going because we've been curious about this farm, whose owners we know; well, the hayride might be fun, if my allergies subside by then.

So while my mom goes to gallery openings (many of them showing her work) and my brother and sister-in-law perform original songs on avant-garde public-access TV, I get hayrides, square dancing, and quilts.

I like my life. But sometimes it's very hard to recognize.


clio's disciple said...

Ha! I like the midwest, and live there myself, but that weekend is Very Midwestern Indeed. Hope you have fun!

Dr. Crazy said...

Ok, I'm from the midwest (well, rust belt, really), but I've got to say, I feel like the hay rides, square dancing, and quilts sound really fun! Like, really, really fun! Good old-fashioned American FUN, I say!

undine said...

I've lived in the midwest, and this description makes it sound like a Rodgers and Hammerstein musical--lots of fun!

Sisyphus said...

Ahhh, Americana! I hope you get some prize-winning jam and enormous pumpkins as well! (skip the pig-judging and rocky mountain oysters.) :)

the rebel lettriste said...

Square dancing! No way! I am SO JEALOUS. (Really. At my own extremely rural SLAC, my friends had an old time square dance band. They played barn dances every weekend... Now I must go wax nostalgic about my years in the rolling splendor of corn and soy, where people asked me at the grocery store if I wanted my stuff in a 'sack.') A 'sack,' in Midwesternese, is a paper bag.

Good Enough Woman said...

Are you also living in the 1940s?


All sounds like good, clean fun to me, which I LOVE.