Sunday, October 11, 2009

How the Cats Spent The Weekend

I didn't do much better.

*And yes, these are the only cats: Kittenfoot went to live with her lovely new owner--a cat-needing colleague of ours--on Thursday. She is missed, but not by these guys, who never even detected her presence. Lazy so-and-sos.


Sisyphus said...

So shy! So demure! (I'm sure!)

And how can you bear to give up the cuteness of TEH KITTEN!!!!!!!!!!!

heu mihi said...

It was sad indeed to give up Teh Kitten. But our colleague lost two elderly cats within the last few years, and is clearly a serious--but until-recently catless--cat-lover, so it was nice to see her with the little one. Also Teh Kitten was really fighty and bitey. Cuddly, yes, but also prone to leaping on ankles with claws out and lunging at elbows with teeth out, and we found this a little bit exhausting--not to mention tough on the wardrobe.

But I think the real deal was that, because we couldn't introduce her to the other cats yet (she hadn't had a leukemia test, being too young), she didn't really feel integrated into the household. So we had to make special time to hang out with her, etc. And in the end that kept us, I think, from really bonding in a deep way with the little girl.

SO, to end this pointlessly long comment, it seemed best to give her to someone who really wanted a new little kitten.