Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shake it, baby

A propos of nothing:

Last night I had a dream that TM and I had formed a two-person improv troupe that would go to inner-city schools and perform in order to try to keep kids off drugs and out of jail. We had both done some time and apparently knew what we were talking about.

As a part of this program, I was repainting a gabled attic room with a large, rather ugly purple pine tree motif. While I painted, I practiced freestyle rapping, since that wasn't a skill that I had yet developed particularly well, but that was going to be an important component of our show. I was working on a song about walking around the city and going into different buildings; most of my lines were pretty weak. But I was delighted when I came up with the following little couplet:

You walk into the Y and put on your bathing suit-y;
It was in your backpack, now it's on your booty.

To emphasize the final word, I intended to point at my butt. And I distinctly recall the divine realization that adding a "y" to "suit" opened up startling new rhyming possibilities.

I woke up at about 3:30 this morning with the words still in my head. Of course I had to awaken TM to share them; what if I hadn't been able to remember them later? He would've missed out on so much!

Honestly, though, I'm kind of impressed. Not because this even approximates good hip-hop, but because the lines actually do scan, more or less.


Fretful Porpentine said...


I dreamed a new song by the Doors once, back when I was in high school and going through the inevitable Jim-Morrison-is-Like-Totally-Deep phase. It went like this:

Two cups, two bowls, lots of fun
Make four weddings done
With what we got.

It occurs to me that this is actually a sort-of-plausible Doors lyric (i.e., a set of rhyming lines that do not actually mean anything, but that can be pronounced with great portentiousness). It sounded believable in my dream, anyway.

the rebel lettriste said...

bathing suit-y
on your booty

I love it!

Notorious Ph.D. said...

I'll bet this was exactly how Chaucer got started.

Maude said...


What Now? said...

Oh my gosh, so funny! And it's good to know that you've got additional career options.

rosarosae said...

hhahahah omg. this is awesome. it's already gotten stuck in my head.