Wednesday, August 26, 2009


1. My office is in a pretty neat historic building.
2. Said building, being historic, has no elevator.
3. Nor has it any plumbing.
4. My office is on the third floor.

5. My body carries its anxiety in the digestive system.
6. Although I did not feel nervous this morning, the first day of classes apparently made me anxious.

No fewer than three dashes from my office, down two flights of stairs, across a green, and into the nearest plumbed building in the seventy minutes before today's first class.

(More than you needed to know, I know. But the mere fact that I'm sharing it with y'all indicates the extremity to which I was pushed this morning.)


Sisyphus said...

No bathrooms1?!? At all1?!?! My mind boggles.

Fretful Porpentine said...

At my undergrad alma mater, a couple of the English professors got to have their offices in the outhouses. Really -- those were the office numbers: Outhouse A and Outhouse B. Ironically enough, neither outhouse had an actual toilet in it (or enough room inside for anything besides the office), so I guess they must have been stuck running to the nearest academic building.

Huh. I always thought those offices were super-cool, but I never thought about that particular issue before.

Notorious Ph.D. said...

I have the opposite problem: my office door is right across a narrow hallway from the door to the restrooms. Unless I close my door, I am forever having my concentration broken every time someone goes in or out (though no one has yet come a-running three time in an hour!), and if I close the door, they don't know I'm there, so tend to congregate right outside my door and have animated conversations.

medieval woman said...

Oh god - I, too, have the "mind-gut" connection - and not having bathrooms is positively....medieval!?!

Hope you're feeling better...

Good Enough Woman said...

Maybe a banana for lunch would be helpful . . .

heu mihi said...

I had no idea that this topic would provoke so much discussion!

Anyway, things seemed to resolve themselves after class no. 1. Luckily. My quads couldn't take much more of that!

What Now? said...

Hah -- Fretful Porpentine and I went to the same undergrad institution, and I'd kind of forgotten about the Outhouse offices. I'm am delighted to be reminded of them.

I can't imagine not having a bathroom in my building, and having to bundle up in the winter to go outside and use the loo. It's like your own experience of Little House on the Prairie or something.