Thursday, August 27, 2009

It might be awesome

The subject line refers to the feeling that I have about this semester's advanced seminar. Truly. Rockin'.

I have 5 students (maybe 6, but I'm actually suspecting that the sixth has absconded). I know them all from previous classes, and have a good rapport with four of them; the fifth had some troubles in my class last semester but has been working hard and seems on board now. So that's a good start. One of my absolute favorite things about Field College is these seminars where I already know nearly every single student; it makes such a difference and we tend to have a lot of fun in class. I'm lucky that I get to teach one of those pretty much every semester.

And I am so excited about the topic--so excited that I might sabotage the course, because I keep thinking up new assignments and cool stuff that we could do, and I'm afraid of overloading them. The topic is related to book history but from a literary perspective; today we spent most of the hour looking at various book-like documents and talking about whether we thought they were books or not, and why. (The answers were complex; there was much disagreement.) I have them performing an experiment wherein they need to observe and document how they read one book--in detail--and how the physical form of the book affects their reading. We're going to read a bit of really tough theory, and an Onion article, and some cool pomo novels. And Chaucer. Of course, Chaucer!

And we have a course blog. (See what I mean about overloading?) It will be awesome. I hope.*

Anyway, I'm pretty thrilled about this class, and we didn't even get through half of what I had planned for today. Less prep for Tuesday--I love being behind!

*If you know me and would like to take a look, email me and I'll send you the link. Sorry to be a little exclusive about this; I'm leery of sending it out to people I don't know, partly because it will reveal my Mysterious Identity, but mainly because my students are on there, too (or will be soon).


Sisyphus said...

Medieval Book history and technology!!!! You must show them this:

heu mihi said...

Oh! I will! Thanks!

Good Enough Woman said...

I love being behind, too! I think that's why I get so nervous on the first day. I'm not behind, so there is no content propelling me forward. Just me, and them, and the sense that I must create awesome vibes that will last for 18 weeks. Yes, my semesters are 18 weeks.

heu mihi said...

And I thought 16 was rough.... More props to you, g(e)w!

P said...

Course blogs are much fun. I've done that twice -- both time in my specialty courses -- and have always had great success. Students do good work online. Great class; I would so sign up for it!