Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Well okay then.

All my grades are entered (but two, which are both waiting on late paper-things that will come in this weekend). My K'zoo paper is mostly done. I have met with weepy plagiarists--whom I actually believe to have been unintentional in their plagiarism, if frighteningly ignorant--and cleaned out some of my folders. I have done other things, such as getting my oil changed and trying unsuccessfully to figure out why we need to pay for the church's organist if he can't actually play at our wedding (although we'd like him to). Tonight is an end-of-the-year potluck and tomorrow I drive off for Kalamazoo. So let me organize myself with a to-do list, as thusly:
  • clean the filth out of my house
  • make yogurt to use up big jar of milk
  • make granola so that I have something to eat for breakfast
  • water garden and potted plants
  • finish revising K'zoo paper
  • gather things together for K'zoo
  • perform some kind of exercise--yoga or jog
  • go to office to do something or other (what is it? Oh yeah--I need to mail back some papers, turn in a form or two, etc. etc.)
  • walk through the Lilac Arboretum
  • go to the store and then make lentil salad for potluck
  • think very seriously about what to wear at Kalamazoo. Do I dare to try out my new Fluevogs?
I apologize for the tediousness of this post, but actually I do enjoy reading other people's to-do lists, so I trust that you will enjoy the same. And now, I will conclude with a picture of said Fluevogs.

See some of you very soon!


the rebel lettriste said...

yes, wear the fluevogs!!

heu mihi said...

Okay--I defer to your superior judgment.

(Actually, I think I'll wear them in part because the panel's in one of the dorm buildings and I'm staying in the if they're killing me by the end of the session, I can always run up and change. Practicality saves the day!)

P said...

holy geez i love those shoes. wear them. and be happy that you just stimulated the economy even more, because i'm going to buy a pair soon for myself.

Sisyphus said...

Ooh, love the shoes! As someone who has a weakness for all the retro-40s stuff out there, I approve heartily. (and the way the heel has that wider bump on the bottom will really help stability.)

Phul Devi said...

Vog it up, baby. Show 'em how it's done.

My word verification is: touterie. A purveyer of all things?

Good Enough Woman said...

Congrats on being almost done with everything semesterly! I am right behind you, but limping along slowly, carrying great bundles of work . . .

And, yes. Rock the vogs.

Maude said...

sweet ass shoes!! yes, wear them, wear them!!

i love to do lists.