Saturday, May 2, 2009

Grading, Grading, Over the Bounding Main

How did this happen? How am I grading again?

Oh well. By Wednesday, it will all be over. It must be over. I am not taking grading to Kalamazoo.

In other news, we found a house. It is less adorable than my house, alas, but it's a good size and has reasonable rent (about $125 less than our combined rents), a big yard, and loads of storage--a huge attic AND a basement. (Not that our boxes and few suitcases need all of that room, but it's nice to know that if something doesn't fit into the house proper, we'll have a place--or rather places--to put it.) We move in on June 1. I can't wait to paint!

Now, can I do four more papers tonight? That would mean that I could spend some serious time tomorrow on my paper, which is coming along but not quite...there, yet. Gah.

*An image search for this title yielded a picture of something called "graded bedding." I don't know what it means, but my vote is YES.


medieval woman said...

congrats on finding a house for your both! Are you guys planning on renting for a while or looking for your own place in a bit?

Sisyphus said...

Mmm, grading -- fun. I need to do some of that.

Congrats on finding a place --- you know you have to post lots of pictures and painting pictures, right? And I agree that Bed is an A+ compared to papers!

P said...

Speaking as someone who lives in a wicked cute, but remarkably small house, I have to say that I envy you your large, if less cute new home! Congratulations. And, if I may be so bold, you know how they say that "fences make good neighbors"? Well, space makes good partnerships (or something like that) which is why we'll soon be house-hunting ourselves.

Again, congrats! (for that *and* the fast approaching close of the term!)