Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And yet!

Here is what The Minister and/or I (mostly I--not because he hasn't been productive, but because that would be his own list, not mine) have done this week:

I have:
  • finished my damn manuscript AGAIN. This is the LAST set of revisions pre-contract. For SURE. (I mean, obviously if they want more revisions pre-contract, I will do them. But let me imagine that I'm standing firm on this, just for fun)
  • teaching section of Mid-Term Review, plus most of research section (putting the positive spin on the last post's demoralization)
  • met with Admissions guy to come up with fabulous marketing plan for the Honors program
  • had a meeting to confirm that I have nearly done enough work on the secondary ed/English assessment stuff for this year, and that the rest of it could quite reasonably wait for fall--we should all have meetings to confirm that we've done enough work every so often
  • begun figuring out complicated upper-level course for fall
  • written up text for wedding invitations &c.
  • finished knitting the sweater I began at Christmastime
  • fertilized my potted peppers
  • filled out and mailed in my change-of-address card
We have:
  • ordered and half paid for wedding bands, purchased from a local jeweler
  • set up joint checking account
  • come very close to selecting colors for new house's walls
  • gathered some boxes
  • purchased an antique dresser and two bookcases
  • established registry website
  • firmed up the pianist/organist for the ceremony (a friend of my brother's)
I might even be leaving some stuff out!! So, you know, go me.


P said...

For some reason, I found the "opened joint checking account" item rather touching. Maybe because I know couples who don't take this step -- even after marriage -- which I find somewhat befuddling (no offense to them, of course).

Congrats on the many deeds.

Sisyphus said...

So productive! I love lists.

So how many times have they asked for revisiony stuff? Is this normal? Is it just the press being evil? I want to hear more about this.

I also, as you know, will want full painting updates because I love that shit.

And I love the idea of an antique dresser! fun.

Good Enough Woman said...

Yes, go you!

Oh, and I think the JCA is a good idea. We didn't do that, which seemed okay at first, but it really makes it much harder to keep track of spending and makes it easier for both people to spend too much.

Maude said...

wow! go you!!!!

oooh, the SB and I should open a joint checking account. i had forgot about that. hmmmm, we might have to wait until we move. i'd like to do that before he goes to afghanistan. so funny that with all our trying to get $ issues taken care of, that's never come up. i'm amused at myself now.

ooooh, so what colors are you looking at for painting?? can't wait for details!

medieval woman said...

Yay for your productivity! And send me the registry website info!